The first meeting of the new Board of Directors was held on Saturday April 09, 2016, where many issues were discussed.  The meeting was quite long due to the amount of business that required our attention.  Each Director is working hard towards helping the Society to accomplish the goals set out by our strategic planning committee.  Our future is looking brighter after each meeting. Many thanks to all board members who attended. There are still a number of volunteer positions open on each of our eight committees.

The committees are as follows:

  1. Finance – Director – Russ Leech
  2.  Events – Director – Axel Hahling
  3. Promotions  – Director – Andrea Smith
  4. Membership – Director – James Price
  5. Site – Director – Art Finlayson
  6. Assets – Director – Jack Mayor
  7. Grounds & Building Maintenance – Director – Dave Hopkins
  8. Mechanical Equipment – Alex Hunter

All members are invited to submit their name to help out on these committees, Please email the office at  to add your name to a committee.